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Howard Snitzer/ Dr. Roger White for The Wall Street Journal

Back in action here in Minnesota. Got an email last week asking if I could head down to Rochester to shoot a story on Howard Snitzer who is recovering from a heart attack at the Mayo Clinic. Howard was technically dead for a little over an hour and a half back in January after having a heart attack. Through some fast acting citizens who performed CPR right away, and paramedics who had the guidance of Dr. White at Mayo, Howard was able to be revived without any brain damage. Howard was a totally killer guy with all sorts of awesome stories about selling peyote and what have you, I hope to get down to Rochester again and share a slice of pie at some point.

You can check out the article and a video with some of the photos in it HERE

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I'm back home. The trip was a whirlwind, definitely productive, there's almost too much stuff to handle. Josh and I are moving on to phase two, processing, sorting, editing, compiling. It will be interesting where this whole thing goes, hopefully somewhere even more interesting.

If you want to see the beginnings of Josh's take please do so HERE

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Area 51/ Rachel, NV

We had to get out of Vegas as two days takes a toll on your psyche. Yesterday we shipped off to the weirdest place in the west, Rachel, NV. Sonic booms create rumbling tremors on the ground and sound like a cannon next to your head. A lot of the time you hear constant air traffic overhead but can't see a damn thing in a clear blue sky. The locals say they've been running dogfights all week, so hopefully we see some more cool stuff.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

MNPA 2010 Winner

The Minnesota News Photographers Association's annual competition rolled around on Sunday. I took first in Portait and third in Feature and Feature Story. Check out the rest of the winners HERE


Elevation in Utah